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Man, this has been a trying week! It’s amazing how when you finally decide on what you want and get focused on it how all the mess you use to waste your time with starts to rise up looking for attention and starts focusing in on you! If you are not careful this can distract you from your new focus back to focusing on the old mess! Even though I know better I must admit I was falling for it until a friend got me back on track (with some of my own words, lol!) I was reminded of how things always come up once you decide to make changes and the up rise/backlash is just the conformation of your growth! With any birth/change there is struggle and growing pains (which should be expected!)

 In truth its more painful/ harmful not to change even though often we get used to being uncomfortable and dealing with a certain level of pain. Eventually we think that we are ok with it and we stop seeing things for what they actually are. Its funny how sometimes knowing you need a change can be both enlightening and depressing at the same time! It was suggested to me to put the energy I was gonna spend fighting old mess back on the changes that I am trying to make in my life. That was great advice and I mean to take it and you should too! I have put my smile back on my face and have proceeded to move forward with growing as an artist, father, friend and person! I hope your week was a good one and that you are having a great Friday so far, till next time! J

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