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About Jason Austin


Realistic. Abstract. Figurative.

As a self-taught artist who resides in Northern CA.. Jason has emerged as one of the leading fine artist in the bay area. His work has been featured in Art Business News and shown in galleries throughout the U.S including Los Angeles, Philadelphia , Chicago and New York. 
"As an artist it's important to stay true to my own interpretations in the art that I create as well as the ideas that inspired it." Jason Austin
Jason prides himself on style and technique but his work is driven by themes and concepts derived from life experiences. Always in search for new understanding of the world around him through art, motivates him to create and explore new directions. The medium and style always depends on what best expresses the truth of his subject. His work is a direct reflection of thoughts and feelings about love, life, family, music, dreams and concerns for the world. Taking the mundane and bringing to it perspective that gives new interest and insight.