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Collectors Reviews

Behind every great artist there are great collectors that make it possible for artist to be able to express themselves. Thank you all your continued support! Jason

"Sisters #1 and Sister #3"

"I have known Jason for many years and have followed his art along the way.  I have several of his pieces in my home which I just love and so do people who visit me.  Great colors and a good vibe from his work.  A talented and extraordinary man and artist!"

Anita - San Francisco Ca 



We often use the words inspired, genius, beautiful and provocative to describe creativity. The first time I saw Jason Austin’s work, all of these words and more went rushing through my head. Wow, who is this artist? Sometime when you see something that is so striking you become intimidated. So it was a while before I approached the boy genius to express my admiration. There was no need to be intimidated; he is very approachable, down to earth and grounded.

Over the years, my husband and I have purchased a few pieces from Jason that we display proudly in our home. One of these is “Blush”. Jason said that this piece was partially inspired by one the many hair styles he has seen me sport over the years. Thank you Jason; I am honored.

I love art, I love black art and I really love Jason.

Janet N - Oakland Ca
















"Reflections of the Past"

I love it; it fits so well with the decor of my office. Take care and big hugs to you! 

Yolanda B (a.k.a big sis!) – Fairfield Ca

I first met Jason about 10 years when I purchased "Stars and Bars". Then in early 2016 I purchased his wonderful drawing of "Wallace Roney". When he dropped it off for me, it was shortly after my dear "Hannah" died. She had been my dog for 17 years and I was grieving a lot. Jason went straight home with a few photographs of my dog and created this wonderful drawing of my dear girl.
Jason has a wonderful heart and his love is poured into his work."

David R Besley, MD - Oakland Ca



 "Stars and Bars"

"As some-one how has been endlessly inspired by black civil rights movements and more recently been horrified by the systematic brutality and injustice that has given rise to movements such as 'Black Lives Matter' - I found this an incredibly effecting piece."

Dan C. - Sydney Australia